Licking Heights DECA's Mission Statement:

To Prepare Emerging Leaders and Entrepreneurs in
Marketing, Finance, Hospitality, and Management

What does the acronym DECA stand for?

The acronym DECA used to stand for Distributive Education Clubs of America. Until 1992, many Marketing and Business programs were called Distributive Ed, referring to the distribution of goods and services to consumers. Now, our programs are much wider in scope and the organization is simply referred to as DECA!



Q. “What do you do in DECA?”

A. In short, we learn by doing. Our members engage in meaningful activities with real-world applications, in-school and out.
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Q. “Is DECA fun?”

A. Yes! Opportunities such as meeting students from around Ohio and beyond, going on meaningful field trips, and being part of school-wide projects are specifically designed for you to have fun while you’re learning. 


Q. “What if I’m not interested in business?”

A. Think about it…All professions are connected to business in some way.  This program connects the relevance of the real business world to your life now and in the future.


Q. “Is DECA a big time commitment?”

A. Not really.  Most activities take place during the school day, though there are lots of opportunities for fun out-of-school experiences as well! 


Q. “Can I really use this in the future?”

A. Learn and apply practical skills by participating in our many events and projects.  Many professions demand quick, critical thinking.  Everyone needs speaking and interviewing skills. Develop these through competitive events and chapter activities!


Q. “Will it interfere with my sports/work schedule?”

A. No.  Many of our students are just like you!  They are athletes, they have jobs, & they like to have fun. The program is flexible enough to accommodate your schedule & personal needs.


President: TBD

VP of Marketing: TBD

VP of Retail Operations: TBD

VP of Website Development: TBD

Chapter Historian: TBD


Licking Heights DECA prepares students for college and career through project-based, authentic learning experiences. Since 2006, LH DECA has been a part of numerous leadership and professional development activities.  We have won multiple District, State, and International awards and have donated thousands of hours and hundreds of dollars through our many community service efforts. Our Chapter Advisor is Mr. Steve Varricchio.



Ohio DECA was established in 1950 and is divided into 12 districts. Licking Hieghts is in District 7. Ohio DECA runs multiple conferences and a Summer Leadership Retreat (Camp) in which our chapter proudly participates and competes. 

For more information, visit the Ohio DECA website:



The International DECA organization was established in 1946 and is divided into 4 regions. Ohio is in the Central Region. DECA operates in all 50 states, Washington D.C., many U.S. terrirories, and several different countries. 

For more information, visit the International DECA website:


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